"..keeper of the best lists possible in this competitive state..."
--New York Times

The Practical Political Consulting Difference

Practical Political Consulting (PPC) works year round to refine and deliver the best and most practical tools for savvy political campaigns. PPC partners Mark Grebner and Alan Fox have spent more than twenty-five years learning and perfecting their craft in the only two states PPC works – Michigan and Wisconsin.

Recently, we’ve added a bevy of services and now call ourselves a general campaign consulting firm offering many of the things successful campaigns need at low prices. Our innovative ideas, previous successes, and year of experience will make the difference for your campaign.

PPC's approach is to continuously rethink its methods, products, and services with an eye toward practicality and ease of use.

"Mark Grebner and Practical Political Consulting offer the most accurate and up-to-date likely voter lists you can get in Michigan. Period!"

-Bill Ballenger, Editor of Inside Michigan Politics

"When it comes to voter files, accuracy of data and speed of service are the two most important criteria for us. Practical Political Consulting turns around their high quality files faster than anyone else."

-Pete Peffers, Team Telcom


The key to winning a political campaign is knowing how and
where to allocate scarce resources.

We take the guesswork out of it for you.